Saturday, December 6, 2014

Ultra Marathon, Take 2

Two plus years ago, which was about the last time I posted something on this blog, I completed an Ultramarathon. For the last two years, I have labeled it the "Stupidest Thing I Have Ever Done". I was undertrained, a little injured from trying to train by running other races, and I finished out of sheer will and uncertainty of how I would get back if I dropped out of the race at mile 43 (at my pace, 7 more miles was about 2 hours). I aked multiple friends that if I ever had the inkling that I should sign up for a 50 mile race to please shoot me on sight. Or at least remind me it was a bad idea.

A friend of mine finished the half-marathon at the same race site this year, and her posts made me think about signing up for the half-marathon next year (you have to jump on this early, as the half-marathon sells out very quickly). I was perusing the race website when I found out that the medals for the race finishers in 2015 were actually going to differ in size. Past years, I had always marveled at the idea that a half-marathoner got the same medal as the marathoner as the ultramarathoner. My brain screamed "Do the ultra! You can do the Ultra! You have a year to train! Do it!"

I texted my husband immediately, as he was one of the persons on the "Shoot on Sight" list. I asked my sweet husband if he wanted to do the ultramarathon next August, and he replied with "If you want to, I'm game"(I do not have to mention that this reply does definitely not count as "Shoot on Sight" sort of behavior, so the next time I have a bad idea, I'm not going to ask him to stop me).

Long story short, I squashed the voice of reason and signed us up for an ultramarathon;it is in 258 days. On the day I signed up, it was 363 days away. Funny how quickly 100 days go.

Have I mentioned I haven't been running much in the last year? Yeah. I am working on that, I suppose.

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Diana vs. the Ultra aka The Stupidest Thing I've Ever Done Twice aka Serious Running for a Non-Serious Runner.

Ready to to run with me?

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